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#socialfeeds: a free cookbook

socialfeeds-coverThis was a great project I was part of during the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival: local home cooks demonstrating their kitchen savvy on Instagram with the hashtag #socialfeeds. Very modern. Forty recipes – including one of mine – were selected and have been compiled into this beautiful cookbook, and it’s being away free of charge. No catches – the link below takes you straight to the book. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Table for One


I love cooking for one person and, luckily, that person is me. Having said that, I spend a lot of time cooking and eating with other people and, ironically, it’s the friends who have pulled up a stool at my kitchen bench over the years who pushed me to write down what amounts to three decades’ worth of recipes and food ideas that work for one person. That’s how A Table for One was born.

The books that are out there for people cooking for one can be pretty grim: lots of things like boiled eggs and toasted sandwiches. In fact, most of them come from the perspective of cooking being a necessary evil. I wanted to take a new approach, and celebrate the many pleasures to be found in cooking for yourself. The book is pitched at all kinds of cooks, even beginners. You don’t need a lot of skill or fancy equipment to cook well, just start with a few great ingredients and be guided by a tested recipe and the judgement of your senses. A Table for One will, I hope, give you ideas that make your life easier and more pleasurable, and celebrate your independence.

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Coming soon

I’m currently finishing work on a book of new recipes for two people. I’ll post more about it here closer to the launch date.

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